Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

With the blog, that is.

The Yankees season has officially ended and after a brief respite, things will pick up again slightly as Brian Cashman and others attempt to piece together next year’s team. While the developments will be slow, there are usually enough rumors popping up for some lively discussions to occur.

This was my second blog (my first was a personal blog with a mix of sports, tech, and other random commentary) and my first real attempt to do a focused blog about a single topic and team. I think it went pretty well all in all.

I had a little more time on my hands during the spring and first half of the season and was able to do at least one post a day and sometimes more. In the late summer, early fall, real life time commitments made it a little harder to put out daily content and things slowed down a bit.

I also have gone back and forth regarding the types of content I put up on the blog. From basic game recaps and stats to more opinionated commentary. There are lots of places on the internet to get all the game recaps on big sites like ESPN or SI. There are a few outstanding blogs that provide an excellent blend of both game summary and opinion content, like Sliding Into Home (one of my personal favorites). Toward the end of the season, I tried to get away from just repeating the game recaps and providing more of my personal opinions on what was happening with the team. This can get a little tricky after a while, especially when a team is having a bad season, as I sometimes feel like all I’m doing is bitching.

With a popular team like the Yankees, there are a huge number of blogs out there dedicated to the team and there is fairly stiff competition for readers, and sometimes I feel like I’m just re-hashing the same stuff that a lot of other people have gone over.

Realistically, other job and family commitments are going to slowly continue to get worse and daily posts are likely out of the question. Three or four days a week is a more reasonable expectation. Baseball is more of a daily game however (compared to something like football) and wonder if a few times a week would be enough.

I’d love to hear any comments, opinions or suggestions from anyone out there. So if you like reading the blog or have any constructive insights as to why you don’t read more often, let me know!

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