Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Avoiding Arbitration

There hasn’t been much news on the Yankees front recently. We still need another starting pitcher and could use an upgrade in center field.

Brian Cashman has been listening to offers for Nick Swisher, Xavier Nady and Robinson Cano, but so far the asking prices have been too high for anyone to give serious consideration to a trade.

Melky Cabrera and Xavier Nady have both settled on one year deals with the Yankees, although this doesn’t mean that they won’t be traded before the start of the season. Brian Bruney is still negotiating with the team.

Who knows what will happen at this point. Getting another starter most likely will happen and a trade may or may not go down, depending on the needs of other clubs. The Yankees have a few guys they could get rid of, but at this point they’re not going to let them go cheap.

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