Thursday, May 1, 2008

Buzz Bissinger is the Definition of Hypocrisy

If you haven't seen it yet, check out this link to where Bob Costas hosts a roundtable with Braylon Edwards, Buzz Bissinger and Will Leitch.

The premise of the piece is taking a look at sports blogging and newspaper sports journalism.

Will Leitch starts out making a few comments on sports blogging before he is quickly interrupted by Bissinger who quickly starts swearing and reading select quotes from the deadspin sites, ripping into Leitch unfairly and unprofessionally.

Buzz Bissinger is crude, starting off his rant by saying "You're full of s**t," later throwing in "Oh 'come on' my a**"

Buzz Bissinger is hypocritical for belittling Leitch and Deadspin for their crude and unprofessional writing when his entire rants are profane enough to make a sailor blush. There was little in the way of intelligent opinion in his arguments and Buzz was mostly spewing venom at someone he was accusing of spewing venom.

Buzz Bissinger is highly unprofessional, using strong language and loud speech to overpower the conversation.

Buzz Bissinger can't put forth any sort of reasonable arugment in this debate. If any of you have taken a debate class or studied logical fallacies, you'll realize that a majority of his arguments were ad-hominem, appeal to antiquity, appeal to ridicule, hasty generalization, and to some extent appeal to force and judgemental language. If this is the way you frame an argument, how can you expect anyone to take you seriously?

Bob Costas clearly has a bias here and doesn't seem to "get" the internet. He unfairly criticizes Deadspin for the comments posted by readers. I don't think Costas clearly understands the innerworkings of blogs and the differences between a commenter and a writer. Lastly Bob does a poor job of keeping the obnxious Bissinger under control at all.

Poor Braylon Edwards doesn't get a chance to say much, but maintains an air of professionalism and raises a valid point or two.

If HBO wants to be taken seriously in the sports world, it would be best to avoid guys like Bissinger whose definition of professionalism includes obnoxious behavior and profanities.

I think I can safely say that 95% of all the sports blogs I have read present themselves more favorably than Buzz Bissinger.

Irony, thy name is Buzz.

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