Friday, July 4, 2008

Will the Real NY Yankees Please Stand Up

Joe Girardi had a closed door meeting after yesterday's game and dressed the team down and called people out. Joe refused to give details, but the consensus was it was ugly.

Ugly and ineffective. Joe hasn't had an easy first year as manager. He's had to deal with a slew of injuries, a host of young pitchers who weren't quite ready. Would Joe Torre have done any better? Who knows. I've been critical of a lot of Joe Girardi's moves and play calls, but until now I haven't really questioned his ability to handle players. At this point, I'm starting to wonder.

This is the second time Girardi has had a meeting and called out the team, and once again, there hasn't been any sign that the message got through or did anything.

A few bloggers have said that the team looked a little sharper today, that they played with some purpose but I say hogwash. Today the Yankees lost to the Red Sox. They fell further out of first place and further away from a wild card. Almost beating the other team doesn't count in baseball.

Johnny Damon is injured and will miss a few days at least. Alex Rodriguez is spending time with Madonna while his wife has left him for a rock star. Joe Torre is famous for being able to handle distraction and getting a team to perform. So far, Joe G hasn't filled those shoes particularly well.

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