Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yanks Drop Another

The Pinstripers certainly looked like a contender back when they were playing Boston, but now that they're facing off against the not-so-good Orioles, nothing seems to go their way. Sure, they had a late rally (that fell short) but the team just seems a little worn out after all that winning.

Rasner wasn't as sharp as he's been in the past, but still pitched about what you would expect from your number five guy. Damaso Marte's honyemoon with the Yanks is over, as he was hit hard. His first appearance in the Yankee uniform was impressive, but the scouting reports on him say that he can be inconsistent at times, which is what we saw last night. I still think he's a good addition to the team, but don't be surprised if he blows up every once in a while.

Girardi continues to rotate players and change the lineup, giving different players a chance to rest. Still, a back end of Betemit, Moeller, and Cabrera certainly isn't striking fear into the hearts of opponents.

It's looking like the Yankees won't be picking up another starter anytime soon. Talks for Washburn appeared to have cooled and there really aren't that many decent starters out there. If Hughes or Kennedy can show something down in AAA, they might make a return, but for now I think we're stuck with what we have. I don't see Wang pitching again this year despite his optimism.

Hopefully the Yankees can get a win against Baltimore this afternoon and avoid the sweep. Tampa won last night pulling another game ahead. If the Bombers have any chance of even getting a wild card, they need to keep on winning, as there are currently two other teams in front of them even for the wild card spot.

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