Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Papi Curse Lifted?

Earlier this week the Yankees dug up the mysterious shirt that was buried in the cement at the new Yankee stadium. It turned out to be a David Ortiz t-shirt. Big Papi, who has been slumping horribly, was given yesterday off and returned to the lineup tonight. This was his first game since the article of clothing bearing his name was dug out of Yankee stadium.

Ortiz went 2 for 5, getting his first hit in a long time and getting a critical hit in the 9th (and then was replaced with a pinch runner who then scored the go-ahead run on a Manny Ramirez homer).

Could the Papi shirt buried under Yankee stadium in an effort to hex the Yankees have actually cursed the big man instead? I don't know but since it was dug up Ortiz's slump has disappeared.

(Note: No, I don't actually believe this, but the hysteria the story seems to have generated is humorous.)

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