Monday, April 28, 2008

Posada Being Selfish

“I’m not playing first base. I’m a catcher. We’ve got seven first basemen."  That quote from Jorge Posada was taken from today's New York Times article on the injured Yankee catcher.

So much for all that leadership and character. This comment sounds like something you'd hear from a certain Cincinnati Bengals receiver.

If your team needs you to play another position, you do it. Especially when they went out on a limb to sign you to a big contract in the twilight of your career. Posada's comment really sent me through the roof and killed any respect I had for his character.

Platooning at first base and DH may give Posada a way to continue playing while his shoulder recovers and if so he should accept his fate if that's what the Yankees decide.

I would not, under any circumstances, expect him to play first or DH if it were going to do more damage to his shoulder or if it would prevent his injury from healing quickly. If Jorge doesn't have surgery and playing first is an option, he darn well better go where they tell him.


Mike said...

In the end, it wont matter. He's going to need surgery.

I needed surgery for the same thing last October.

The Yanks are trying to put a good face on things while they try to make a deal for a catcher.

Jeff said...

You're probably right, it will turn out to be a non-issue when he undergoes surgery.

If the Yanks can hold on a few days, they can pull Moeller off waivers and save having to go out and sign someone else.