Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ugly Loss as Yanks and Sox Split Series

Don't let the final score of 7-5 fool you, this one was ugly. Mussina gave up 5 runs in 3 innings before Albaladejo came in to pitch 3. The Yankees definitely need a long reliever on this staff, and possibly more than one. Their bullpen has been working very hard and a lot of guys are having to come in to pitch 2 or 3 innings. A successful team needs starters that can go a minimum of 6 innings and preferably 7. Wang and possibly Pettitte seem to be the only pitchers capable of such an outing.

Josh Beckett was ablt to pitch 8 full innings for Boston, giving up only 3 runs. Papelbon gave up 2 in the 9th inning, but managed to get the last batters out before the Yankees could narrow the lead to less than 2.

The Yankees had 8 hits and only left 4 on base. The offense didn't have enough punch to bail out a struggling starter yet again. Unfortunately with the starting rotation they have, the NY bats are going to need to bail out pitchers frequently.

Manny Ramirez continues to eat Yankee pitchers and particularly seems to have figured Mussina out.

Not many positives to take away from tonight's game if you're a Yankee fan. Kyle Farnsworth got all three batters out in order when he came in, which scares me. Don't let him fool you into thinking he can get 3 outs when you need him in a tight game.

A lot of people are making comments that the Yankee bullpen is really hurting without Joba. While he might be a great addition to the pen, their biggest problem is getting guys to come in early and pitch multiple innings, a role you'll never see Joe Girardi use Joba for. He can be a great asset in the 7th and 8th innings in a close game, but what the Yankees need even more in the bullpen right now is a long reliever.

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