Monday, September 15, 2008

Pavano Keeps on Winning

Despite giving up five hits and four runs in just over five innings of work, Carl Pavano earned the win in last night's victory over Tampa. When he finally left he had a lovely chorus of boos to entertain him as he walked off the mound in the sixth inning. What really kept the Yankees in the game was a host of solid performances from the bullpen and an offensive explosion by the Yankee hitters.

Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig for the most hits at Yankee stadium and Robinson Cano was benched for a lack of effort. It's like the Manny Ramirez situation, except Cano can't swing a bat.

Humberto Sanchez is on his way up to New York as the Yankees slowly start brining up a few young guys to the big leagues with the expanded roster.

With Boston winning the Red Sox are now one game out of first while the Yankees are still ten games out in fourth. Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs tossed a one-walk no-hitter last night and the Cubs are looking like a team with a good chance to going to the series.

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