Monday, September 22, 2008

Yanks Win Stadium Finale

For perhaps the first time this year, the team played with some heart, technically keeping their post-season hopes alive, but first and foremost playing for pride.

Andy Pettitte gutted out 5 innings earning the win. Newcomers Coke and Veras help the opposition hitless before the one-two punch came in.

It was reminiscent of years ago when Mariano Rivera would come in and shut down hitters with his blistering fastball while setting up all-star closer John Wetteland. This time it was Joba who finished the seventh, continued dominating in the eighth before Rivera came on in the ninth. Both Joba and Mo kept the Orioles hitless.

Jose Molina had the final homerun ever hit at Yankee Stadium, wearing number 26, the number of championships won during the stadium’s lifetime.

The win was a much needed one for a team that’s been down on it’s luck most of the season. I was concerned that the heartless, flat team would come out and watch another game slip away but these guys got the job done. Long time Yankees Pettite and Rivera and newcomers like Chamberlain did what they had to do to put the appropriate  finishing touches on a historic night at the stadium.

Cheers guys, nice job.

Yankee Stadium, we’ll never forget you.

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