Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Important Game Lost

Alex Rodriguez treated last nights game like it was an October playoff and did nothing offensively. Andy Pettitte was hit hard and the offense did little in return.

A few fellow bloggers and writers are saying that the next two games are must win, but I think yesterday's game was a must win as well. The Yanks needed (however improbable) a sweep of the Sox and they blew it in game one. Don't expect any last minute heroics from this heartless team

Mike and Mike in the morning touched on the team a bit and came to the conclusion that Texiera and Sabathia would be in Yankee pinstripes next year. From what I hear, that isn't all that likely, but the point is that just about all talk regarding the Yankees is focusing on next year, this one's long gone.


tackleberry66 said...

Truly disappointing effort by the Yanks. It's almost embarrassing to watch these guys lately. You hit the nail on the head, Jeff: the team really is "heartless." Hard to believe that A-Rod struck out four times in a row. Time for the offense to spit out the ridiculous wads gum and focus on getting the job done! I've seen elementary school kids play with more heart!

Jeff said...

Thanks for the comment.

It's starting to get difficult to blog about them without sounding like a broken record.