Friday, August 29, 2008

Pavano Pitches Yanks to Win

Carl Pavano brought his ERA down to 3.27 with a three hit, one run performance Friday night. He might actually have some trade value for the last month of the season, especially if a team (unlike the Yankees)  has a legitimate shot at making the post-season. I can't imagine the Yankees would be able to get much for Carl, but even a draft pick is better than nothing.

The Yankees won tonight, but they really had to run through a large potion of the bullpen and had to use Rivera for more than one inning.

The offense was pretty lame, with only a few players offering contributions.

The Yankees announced the pricing schemes for the new stadium and the bottom line is that tickets are expensive. The New York Market will no doubt shell out the money regardless. Sometimes it amazes me how much money people are willing to spend to go to a game. I love watching a game in person, live, from time to time but lately the prices for just about any big-league sporting event is just ridiculous.

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