Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yankees Sinking to All New Lows

The New York Yankees are playing some of the worst baseball ever. Mariano Rivera is throwing wild pitches, young guys are getting picked off first, no one on the offense can get a hit with a runner in scoring position and Joe Girardi is helpless to do anything with the team.

Melky Cabrera was finally sent down to the minors and Richie Sexson was released. Cody Ransom and Brett Gardner were brought up to fill out the roster. This move signifies that the Bombers have officially given up on the season and are giving a few guys a chance to get some at bats at the major league level to see where they might fit into the team next year.

Rumors have been swirling that Cashman will be asked to come back next year which doesn't excite me. When it comes down to it, Cashman hasn't done much to really make this team work. He has had a major flop or two, but none of his moves have really made a big positive impact on the team.

Girardi will surely be back despite his abysmal performance this year, but hopefully next year he'll be on a short leash.

Melky is officially trade bait in my book. I've seen enough of Gardner to predict that he's not big league material, but perhaps he can show something that another team might find interesting. Ransom could turn into something good, but he's going to need to get some play time before we can say too much.

The Yankees are currently 10.5 games out of first and no one seems particularly concerned. Hank Steinbrenner is looking ahead to next year, most of the team is playing like they've given up, and a lot of my favorite bloggers are saying the same thing. This team is (and has been for a while now) done.

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