Thursday, August 21, 2008

Apocalypse Nears

That's right, Carl Pavano is scheduled to make a big league start.

The Yankees were absolutely shelled by the Toronto Blue Jays, giving up 14 runs. A few fans on other blogs have commented that this team isn't out of it until they're mathematically eliminated, but with all due respect, this team has been done for a while.

I'm a fan to the core, but I just can't see any hope that the Yankees have even the slightest chance of making the post season. The team had one good run this season, and the rest of the time every emotional win or small streak was quickly met with a string of losses.

At this point we're left speculating who will be back next year, what to do with guys like Giambi and Pudge (who could be offered arbitration) and what to do with young guys who haven't lived up like Kennedy and Cabrera.

Sidney Ponson absolutely blew up today and despite racking up a few wins, hasn't looked like a serious starter in many of his appearances for the Yanks this year. Billy Traber has proven to be equally unreliable despite delivering a few decent innings here and there.

It's an unusual position to be in recently, a Yankee fan facing a Yankee-less post season. Such a poor showing would make me think a big shake up would be in order for next year, but for some reason, I have a feeling many of the same faces will be back (both players and coaches).

At least for now we can have fun watching the return of Pavano.

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