Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another Clutch Walk-off Win

Johnny Damon was the big hero this Saturday afternoon. Final score 12-11 after a walk off ground rule double in the bottom of the ninth inning.

It was an up and down game from the beginning. Andy Pettitte gave up runs, the offense would score runs. Things looked particularly grim when Mariano Rivera gave up a home run in the ninth to put the Royals back on top.

Jose Veras had a decent 1.1 innings of relief, allowing only one hit.

The story of the day was Johnny Damon, who went 6 for 6 and got the game winning RBI. Damon also tacked on 4 RBIs for the day.

Jorge Posada was back and went 2 for 4, allowing one stolen base.

This was the second walk off win in three games for the Yankees. It's hard to make much of anything out of it, but I'm definitely glad they won. The last time they had an emotional walk-off win, they proceeded to lose the very next game. Now back at .500, let's hope the Yanks can stay in the black for a while.

The offense produced today, and had big hits when they needed it. The flip side is that the pitching staff blew quite a few leads. Pettitte couldn't hold on and even the invincible Mariano Rivera gave up one.

It was definitely an ugly win, but at least it's a win.

Nice hitting Johnny!

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