Sunday, June 15, 2008

Couple of Big Wins for Yanks

Sometimes playing a really bad team can work wonders for your morale. The Pinstripers put together two quality wins over the hapless Houston Astros, including an absolute drubbing today.

Yankee starters Mussina and Wang both looked good in their starts, but Wang could have a serious injury to his right foot, initially being diagnosed as a sprain with more tests to come soon. It will be interesting to see what will happen if Wang has to miss a start.

The bullpen only gave up one hit in four innings on Sunday and Ross Ohlendorf bounced back nicely today after a bit of a shaky outing on Saturday. Edwar Ramirez continues to pitch well and Dan Giese remains impressive with his relief appearances.

In case you missed the obvious: Johnny Damon is having an all-star year. Melky Cabrera has been up and down, with a solid hitting day on Saturday followed up by going 0 for 5 on Sunday.

Alberto Gonzalez is back and getting some time off the bench. Hopefully his hitting will improve with a little practice, but his defensive skills still make him a valuable asset. Shelley Duncan wasn't producing much results either offensively and defensively and will likely stay in Scranton for a while.

This weekend has been hectic with a lot of travel and very little sleep, but hopefully things will be back to normal on Monday. Let's see how long the third place Yanks can keep this win streak going for.

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