Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Didn't Have the Heart to Blog This Morning

The Yankees were clobbered by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Yes, those pirates. One of the perennial basement dwellers and one of the teams with a ridiculously low payroll compared to the Yankees.

The painful part was the pitching. I really would like to see Rasner succeed at a starter, for Hawkins to turn his game around, and for Ramirez to solidify his job as a top-notch set up man. None of that happened last night. Rasner's success in his first few outings is starting to look like a fluke. If Hawkins ever looks good for an inning it's definitely a fluke, and Ramirez is dead set on showing me how inconsistent he can be, despite all the nice things I say about him on this blog.

In other news, Gary Carter continues to shoot his mouth off and prove that he's now officially a low-class has-been. It's sad to see one of baseball's former greats act so childishly.

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