Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rasner's Honeymoon Officially Over

Darrel Rasner finally had an off day, and boy was it a ugly. 9 hits and 7 runs over 3.1 innings. Rasner just kept hanging balls over the plate and getting hit hard, putting the Yanks in too deep of a hole to climb out of.

Ross Ohlendorf didn't have much control in his 1.1 innings, but Hawkins, Farnsworth and Ramirez got the job done afterward.

The offense wasn't bad, but not good enough to overcome an 8-run deficit. Giambi went 2 for 4 and had a home run.

After the game, Derek Jeter summed up the team best by saying they are "consistently inconsistent".  Once again the team is sitting back at .500 and each day that goes by is one less day they have to make a climb back to the top.

Yes, the Yankees had a similar record last year at this time and yes, they still made the playoffs, but that was an exception. It's certainly possible, but the probability of that happening gets smaller and smaller every day.

Rasner's off day will get him more attention during his next outing, as people will start to wonder if his early success was a fluke and maybe Ian Kennedy should get another shot in a few weeks when he gets back. I think Darrel will straighten around quickly and it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

Ross Ohlendorf didn't look very good either, and I think I'm officially putting him in the "too inconsistent to be trusted" category. I think he still has potential but for now, he's a Farnsworth type of reliever who should only be used in low leverage situations.

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