Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Hideki

In an unsurprising turn of events, the Yankees rebounded after a loss with a win, putting them one game over .500. The story of the day was Hideki Matsui's birthday grand slam home run. The big hit came at a good time because there weren't many other scoring opportunities. Who needs A-Rod when you've got Godzilla?

Andy Pettitte was at the top of his game, striking out six batters and only allowing one run in eight innings of work. Mariano Rivera pitched for the fifth time in six games and picked up another save.

Joe Girardi's use of Rivera is telling of how much he really trusts anyone else in the bullpen to throw when the Yanks have a lead.

There is talk that with the interleague games coming up that Girardi may do some roster shuffling to bring up a capable bench player. Look for Duncan to be finally sent down and someone like Alberto Gonzalez to be called up.

A win is a win and I'm glad to see the Bombers come out on top, but at this stage it's hard for me not to be cynical and expect a quick loss to keep them right at their .500 mark.

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