Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yankees Put On Pitching Clinic

It was a textbook game. Mussina pitched brilliantly for six innings and then the rest of the game ran perfectly scripted. Ohlendorf in the seventh, Farnsworth in the eighth and Rivera to close out the ninth. Only one earned run the entire night.

Johnny Damon had three hits and brought his average up over .300 while Matsui continues to produce.

Derek Jeter passed the Mick on the all time hits list and Mussina is tied for the leads in AL wins.

It doesn't get much better than that for Yankee fans. Great pitching, solid offense and good play calling by the manager. The Yanks moved out of last place and are 6.5 games behind Boston right now.

Dan Geise's nice outing on Tuesday was rewarded with being sent down yesterday to make room for Jorge Posada. Girardi likes to use up as many options on a player as he can. He did have a legitimate point in the pregame interview when he said "We wouldn't have been able to use Geise for another three days at least, so we sent him down" and went on to say that Dan could very well be back soon.

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