Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joba Gets First Starting Win

The New York Yankees walloped the Pirates last night 10-0 and Joba Chamberlain got his first win as a starting pitcher. He still as a little too high of a pitch count, throwing 114 over 6.2 innings, but he only allowed 6 hits, striking out 7 and only walking 1.

Joba has been a great starting pitcher for the Yankees so far. I can't imagine anyone still thinking that he belongs in the bullpen at this stage. Sure, the bullpen could use him, but the rotation needs him more.

Ohlendorf was satisfactory but Veras gave up 2 hits at the end.

The Bomber bats came alive with Jeter, Abreu and Cano all getting 3 hits. Even though he's been hitting better lately, I still have zero faith in Robinson Cano's ability to hit or field.

Sidney Ponson is scheduled to pitch on Friday. That means that Girardi has no hope that any of the prospects working their way up through the minors are going to be ready to pitch. The Pinstripers already have minor leaguers Rasner and Giese in the Rotation, and so the farm is pretty well drained. There are guys who will be ready soon, but it's probably best to give them a little more time at AAA before rushing them into the big leagues.

Before too long Hughes and Kennedy will be healthy and ready to pitch again, and so Girardi will have more options. The pressure is really going to be on Rasner to start pitching a little better or else Joe might decide to take another look at Ike or the Franchise. Actually, it's probably safe to say that Hughes is guaranteed a spot in the rotation when he's healthy again.

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