Friday, June 27, 2008

Yanks Clobbered Early

Pete Abraham over at the LoHud Yankees Blog really summed up some of the key points of the game.

Dan Giese is Dan Giese. He's not some wunderkind the Bombers have been grooming for a while, and he's not the next Doc Gooden. He's pitching about as well as can be expected. He made a few mistakes, but pitched like we should expect.

Ross "the run generator" Ohlendorf was bad. Worse than bad. His performance got him a quick demotion to Scranton and Kei Igawa was brought up. It's a sad statement when the Pinstripers replace you with Igawa. Actually, Igawa provides insurance if Ponson bombs and someone needs to be called in for long relief.

Pete really did a nice job summing up Edwar Ramirez. I like the guy and think he's got potential, but he really hasn't changed much since last year. He's got one decent pitch and the rest are sub-par. The biggest problem is that good hitters who do their research can figure him out fairly easy. Initially, and with unexperienced hitters, Ramirez can have great success. After a while, he starts getting hit hard.

At least things can't get worse in the second game. Wait a minute, did I just jinx us?

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