Monday, June 16, 2008

Bad News for Wang

The bottom line is that Chein Ming Wang will likely be out until September and could possibly be done for the season. This one has been all over the news and a plethora of solutions have been tossed about.

For now, the safe bet is that someone like Dan Geise gets the start. The Yanks have a few days off every now and then, and they could get by with just four starting pitchers at times. Other names that could fill in include Jeff Karstens, who is back after an injury, and prospects like Horne, Marquez and McCutchen.

I think Karstens is the guy to get called up, not because I think he's the best talent, but he's the guy with the most major league experience, and that's the way Girardi seems to think.

Lots of names have been mentioned in trade talks, but the most often mentioned is CC Sabathia. That is a tough deal to make, given the fact that he's going to be a free agent soon and that he hasn't pitched terribly well. I have a feeling that Cleveland is going to want a lot and the Bombers will be hard pressed to pull the trigger. Rich Harden is probably still on the radar as well, but his injury history worries me.

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